How to be fascinating in a job interview with the fascination advantage test

One of my favorite things to do on my commute from New Jersey into Manhattan is to listen to podcasts. Most of these podcasts tend to be educational, finance or business related topics, which is what I have the highest level of interest in. It always sucks to be stuck on a bus/train/subway with nothing to do, so I figure I may as well work to learn something new everyday and find some value in personal improvement, right?

Last week on the bus, I was listening to the Social Media Examiner podcast by Michael Stelzner, where he was interviewing a personal branding expert named Sally Hogshead. The podcast episode was entitled, “Marketing You: How to Play to Your Unique Strengths”, and I thought it really delivered on it’s promise in many ways. After listening to the podcast, I did a bunch of research on Sally Hogshead and found her teachings and content to be highly value to anyone seeking a job, looking to advance in their career or just network to find new professional connections or friends.

While this Social Media Examiner podcast episode was largely speaking about marketing yourself in relation to entrepreneurial pursuits, it also applies to the job search process. I’ve embedded the podcast below for you to listen to first and then we will break down exactly how you can market yourself by being fascinating, to land the job of your dreams.

After listening to the podcast, you might be wondering a bit what being fascinating really has to do with your career, interviewing for jobs and obtaining your dream career. The reason for this is summed up with a question asked by Sally Hogshead at the 6:00 minute mark of the interview, quoted below.

What makes one person perceived as valuable and somebody else perceived as a commodity?

This question is truly something that everyone should ask themselves prior and during a job interview. What makes me perceived as valuable? Or am I just another commodity? And how exactly do I avoid becoming another commodity to someone, specifically to an interviewer.

It’s actually quite simple. According to Sally Hogshead, to be perceived as a highly valuable individual, you need to focus your efforts on what that the people around you perceive as your true strengths. You need to focus on why people like you, why they admire you and why they respect you.

Being perceived as valuable would make sense in a job interview. When speaking with your potential employer, you want that person to envision exactly the value you would bring to their team and be batting down your front door to hire you.

There’s no reason an employer would want to hire just another commodity, they want someone who knows what their true value is, can portray that and demonstrate exactly how that value relates to the role they’re interviewing for.

Knowing your value is the key to all of this. When you step into a job interview, you should know exactly why you are in that room and the value you can deliver to that potential employer. If you don’t know your value, how can someone else figure out what you can offer them? The quick answer, they can’t! So let’s talk more about finding and knowing your true value.

But how do we determine what makes us fascinating to others and delivers value

Well, this is where Sally Hogshead steps in. She’s created what she calls the “Fascination Advantage System”, which is a quick series of 29 questions that gauges how others perceive you. Typically this test and the subsequent results will cost visitors $37, but she was nice enough to offer this test to the readers of Career Dreaming for FREE.

Head over to and enter the code “BL-careerdreaming” to access your free “Fascination Advantage System” test to determine how what will make you fascinating to others, especially potential employers.

Obviously, I went ahead and took the test to determine how others viewed me. The results were interesting and I can’t say that I disagree. According to Sally, I’m someone who can impress individuals with my power, leadership and prestige, but I couldn’t convince a child that I’m passionate about anything :(…

Taking the Fascination Advantage System test is definitely beneficial to learn more about your strengths and deficiencies to how the outside world views you.

Go ahead, take the test and let me know your results in the comments section and how you would utilize this feedback to better yourself in a job interview. Let’s hear it!

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