Recruiter Response Templates That Actually Work

You’ve likely been the recipient (or victim) of a number of introduction LinkedIn messages, emails and phone calls from recruiters. I discuss 1 different responses you can use to reply to an initial contact request from a recruiter, each for different scenarios. Of course, you can put your own spin on these, but this should give you a bit of guidance to ensure a smooth relationship in the future.

I’ve included the 1st scenario below:

1. You’re Currently Looking For (Or Are at Least Interested In) a New Position

Great, you’ve been contacted by a recruiter and you’re actually on the job market. Not bad timing on the recruiter’s part!

The key to your initial interactions with a recruiter is to be responsive, prompt and respectful of their time. A good recruiter will reciprocate the relationship and give you a similar level of respect, to maximize the effectiveness in both directions.

During your initial interactions with a recruiter, you’ll want to communicate the type of positions you’re looking for and sell the value of your personal brand. It’s important to make an excellent impression on any recruiter who’s contacted you, because while the original position he may have contacted you about may not be the best fit, recruiters receive new positions daily — and one could be:

It’s happened time and time again where I’ve called job candidates and the initial position I spoke with them about wasn’t the best fit, be it for reasons around salary, job requirements, commute, etc. However, that candidate made an excellent impression on me and I remembered that this individual was a rock-star job candidate. Sooner or later, the ideal position came along, I called up the rock-star candidate and boom! Interview, job offer, sign, sealed, delivered. All because that job candidate made an excellent initial impression and gave me the information I needed to find them an awesome career.

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