10 Keywords You Must Have on Your Quantitative Researcher Resume

Let’s face it, getting a job nowadays is often difficult. Yet, not impossible. If you are job hunting, there are a few things that can help you out. One of them is your resume.

You’ve probably heard about the importance of the resume countless times. And rightly so. Resumes allow you to create a first impression with your potential employer, regardless of you not being there.

Think about it. Potential employers receive over a hundred resumes every day. They do not have time to read through them thoroughly. Instead, they scan the documents for potential keywords.

Hence, you ought to keep this in mind while writing your resume. This, then begs the question, which particular keywords do the potential employers look out for? Before we take a look, it is important to note that this article is focusing on those applying as a quantitative researcher.

Keywords differ according to the position you are applying for. Now, let us take a look at a some of the keywords that you should include in your quantitative researcher resume.


(PhD) Degree In Math, Statistics, Engineering

Admittedly, getting a job as a quantitative researcher can be tough. Potential employers often look for individuals who are well- educated in this particular field. It goes without saying, that such a position demands knowledge and experience.

If you hold a PhD, ensure that you highlight it among your first mentions. This will increase your credibility, and increase your chances of getting hired.



There are different programming languages used: Java, C++, C#, Python and so forth. However, you ought to be specific in the type of programming that you are conversant with. And in this case, you must be specific to the C++.

Financial industries operate on such programming and are often in need of someone that can run and maintain it. For a quantitative researcher, you will be expected to use your knowledge to smoothly operate quantitative libraries. Do not be afraid to highlight any experience you’ve in implementing your C++ skills.



You cannot be a quantitative researcher and not know your mathematics. In other words, your knowledge in mathematics is of utmost importance. Why? Because you will be expected to solve financial problems using statistics.

If you fail to highlight this, the potential employer will assume that you lack mathematical skills. Hence, they will not consider you.


Modelling Data

Another reason you need to highlight your mathematical skills is due to modelling data. Modelling data is part of the job description for a quantitative researcher.  Modelling data often requires that you implement your mathematical skills.

Mathematical models are often used to describe certain systems, but in a statistical language. Institutions, hence, use that information to control risk management, pricing and so forth.



Just like most jobs, especially the ones that involve data analysis, there are some risks involved. More so, this particular one, as you will be dealing with probability in data analysis. You have to be quick on your feet, and quick at coming up with solutions to problems.

Your ability to problem solve indicated your ability at decision making. Ensure that you highlight this as it’s very imperative. If you have any examples of problems you’ve helped solve in particular companies, mention them a well.



It goes without saying, that this particular field calls for a lot of research. As a qualitative researcher, you are expected to create models that help the company reduce risk, loss. Your conclusive data and mathematical models should, instead, help the company bring in profit.

Moreover, from that information, you are expected to come up with a great trading strategy. But in order to come up with reliable data, you need to have great research skills. Skills that will allow you to source for information that can be helpful to the company.

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