10 Keywords You Must Have on Your CPG Sales Resume and Why

Landing a job these days is incredibly challenging, and that’s because the competition is so high. Typically, companies will receive dozens of applications and subsequently will need to analyse a staggering number of resumes for a single vacancy. So, as time is so precious in business; the system reviewing your resume will usually look out for keywords to make the process more streamlined.

They should essentially be the fundamental aspects of your skillset. Now, if your resume doesn’t include powerful keywords that are relevant to your profession, you’ll most likely get overlooked. Moreover, the Consumer Product Goods industry is very saturated. Therefore, we’ve compiled 10 keywords that you must have on your CPG sales resume to help you secure that dream job…

Data Analytics

Our society almost revolves around data and information. So, being able to analyse data in terms of what CPG’s are trending, how they’re being sold and where they’re being sold is what a company will certainly desire. In a role such as a CPG sales one, everything is surrounded by numbers and data.

This means that if data analytics isn’t in your resume as a keyword, the company won’t be able to quickly recognise that you are competent in it. Include it somewhere in your resume, and it will highlight another important area of your skillset.


Lead Generation

Generating leads is a vital component of what a CPG sales representative does on a day to day basis. After all, we know that making sales and generating revenue requires time and effort. Just because you’re selling something does not mean everyone is going to suddenly flock to you.

So, companies who are advertising a CPG sales role will want to know that you can generate leads to try and capture sales. But, if you don’t include lead generation as a keyword, they’ll probably never know if you can do it or not.


Sales Reporting

In the CPG industry; companies continuously strive to improve their sales and overall revenue. But, in order to do this they’ll need competent individuals that can compose sales reports to underline areas for improvement. It will also help the sales team to identify the source of leads, the success of certain campaigns and what entices leads to purchase.

This task will be a staple part of your CPG sales role. Incorporate sales reporting as a keyword in your resume and companies will acknowledge it as one of your core skills.



Without the ability to negotiate, you’ll struggle to ever make sales, and if you do they won’t be beneficial to your company. When you look back through time; negotiation has always been a brilliant weapon in the armoury of successful sales personnel.

This means that if you don’t include the term in your resume when applying for a CPG sales vacancy, it’ll probably be discarded almost instantly. If you’re applying for a sales role, then you’re obviously proficient at negotiating, so include it!


Presentation Delivery

When pitching to potential buyers, one of the main tools you’ll use is a sales presentation. To put it into perspective; a powerful sales presentation could be the difference between securing a prospect and them choosing your competition. That’s why companies need their sales team to be outstanding with presentation delivery.

This is one that most people tend to leave out of their resume, but it’s a keyword that you most certainly want to be utilising. If you’re not then companies will often choose the candidate that says they can categorically deliver sales presentations.


Strategic Thinking

The process of taking a client from being a cold lead to a paying customer requires a lot of strategy. Without a strategy things will undoubtedly go wrong, and when they do there’ll be just reactive measures, rather than a proactive strategy. This is why companies nowadays require people that are strategic thinkers in order to be successful.

Again, you need to be included the term in your resume so the system scanning it can note that you’re capable of it.


Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are an area that the majority of people leave out of their resume. Why? Because they think communication, reliability and being trustworthy are obvious traits that everyone should possess.

But, in the area of sales they are extremely important. At the end of the day, talking and communicating with people is what you’ll be doing every day to generate leads, work well with your team and secure sales. So, why would you not include the term in your resume?



In a world where there’s so much competition, there’s an increased need for innovation to get the edge those in your industry. Like the old adage goes – ‘if you always do the same things, you’ll always get the same results’. This applies heavily to the area of sales, as you’ll never over-exceed without innovative ideas.

This is one that very few people place into their resume, so if you do then you’ll one step ahead of those vying for the same role.


Sales Forecasting

When it comes to business, it can be very costly if you fail to plan for the future. In terms of sales, forecasting carries an added severity. This is because you can base your whole strategy off of the predicated sales for the upcoming year.

But, more importantly, you can make necessary changes and take appropriate action if the sales forecast looks worrying. Now, if you’re competing for a CPG sales role, you need to display in your resume that you can competently do this.


Strong Initiative

On many occasions in sales it’s about being in the right place, at the right time. So, if you’re chasing a lead and you have the opportunity to secure a sale, your company wants to be able to rely on you to take the responsibility.

You’ll struggle to make an impact if you’re always asking others to take the lead, hence why you should definitely include strong initiative as a keyword in your resume.

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