The job application process is one of the most competitive fields in the world. As time passes, so does the competition become thicker. So what do you need to do? Get smart about it, think way outside the box. It is time for your resume to be flawless, this is your first impression when it comes to your future employers, so, it’s content matter. You need to read the job description placed in the job vacancy announcements and make sure your resume I reflects that you have the skills necessary. Here are 10 words that you need to have.


Interpersonal Skills:

you will be dealing with a lot of people so having this skill is an upside for you. You will need to communicate with clients, majority of the time land no company would want to employ a negative image. You should be great with people, have a warm persona as well as be aggressive when it comes to raising money for the clients. You need to show that you mean business. You will be presenting results to the clients so as to help them so, how you relate to and with them is critical.


Communication skills:

To get anywhere in life, you need to be able to communicate with others, whether it is to update a client or talking to your fellow colleagues. Imagine not being brief and clear when talking to a client on a certain investment. Any form of miscommunication will cause you to lose the client, money and the boss’ trust in you. You need to be aggressive especially if you want to climb up the ladder. Most investment bankers also have a huge network pool and this is as a result of the string communication acumen.



That’s it, you need to be qualified to stand out. You red to have at least a bachelor’s degree and a CPA certificate. Before anyone focuses on you, you need to have the book smart aspect of it before looking at your personality. You need to show that you understand the theory aspect of it as well. This shows that the company can rely on you to get the job done because it is your field of expertise.


Detail oriented:

Do you value everything down to the last minor piece of it? You need to, you must be able to foresee the risks in an investment and spot the odd factors once you do your due diligence on live transactions and customer portfolios.  Your work must be extraordinary down to the finest details. This is important because your main task will be to raise capital via issuing debt or equity securities. When assessing transactions and financial activities,  like the performance of bonds and stocks, you will be able to price and value the securities being worked with. You need to be cautious and sharp to get the job done.



This doesn’t refer to which is the season’s in thing in fashion, no, you need to stay up to date with critical issues, current events and the relevant news. Anything could happen and you nee do spot an opportunity or threat from the moment you hear or see of it.


Research oriented:

You should show that you can do a thorough research and analysis of products, financial models, valuations and mergers. You need to be able to research and get relevant information when it is required. Investments rely a lot of past behaviours so you need to travel to the past when looking for information and understand it.


Organizational skills:

You can’t be untidy or unstructured when it comes to the financial field. The risks are always high, some assignments have constant priority changes that you need to track and update so often. When you are structured, your output is more and one can understand your work with a lot of ease.



You should be able to join others and work towards the organisations goals. The environment is normally team based and fast paced. If you can’t work with others, then you will slow down the growth of the company. With others you will move further, alone you will only move faster with less quantity.


Problem solving skills:

Do you break down when you find yourself I a problem or do you look for a solution? You will definitely stand out if you believe in finding the solution rather than dwelling on the problem. If there’s a market event issue, you need to work towards getting a solution to the problem as soon as possible. That’ll make you the go to person when one wants results, reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.


Fast paced:

You should show that you are able to work in a fast paced environment and much up the speed as well as give the best results I’m school situations. The life of an investment banker needs to match up to this, you need to be able to give your best even when under a lot of pressure. You need to have an excellent grasp of the investing climate along with knowledge of the best and most popular investments. The investment returns must be maximized at all times so an IPO is set at the highest price possible.


Those are the ten terms that will make your professionalism known and your qualification for the job evident when the employer goes through your resume. You need to always work to be the best in your field, if you’re just starting out, do not lose hope, you can and will make it. This is one of the most sought out jobs because it offers a great salary and an opportunity to learn when you just have a bachelors degree.

Do not doubt yourself, your confidence moves mountains. If you believe in yourself and know that you can give results when employed, then a potential employer will want to have you in their cop any so that they can grow and develop with your skills.


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