Simply writing a well- structured resume with the correct grammar will not get you the job. Granted, it is imperative to adhere to the above-mentioned rules. Yet, there are other key aspects to keep in mind while writing your resume.

When you are writing up your resume, you are looking to make a striking first impression. An impression that will have a potential employer call you the minute they read through your resume. However, you need to make your resume stand out to attract your potential employer.

This then begs the question, how? How can one make their resume stand out in a very competitive market? You can do this by simply do this by using the proper keywords in your resume.

Keywords Defined

According to Alison Doyle, A Career Expert, Keywords are words that describe certain skills and qualities that relate to the job you are applying for. Hiring managers never read an entire resume thoroughly, instead, they scan them. Hence, they often look out for certain keywords.

Moreover, there are companies that use Applicant Tracking Systems to scan resumes. Keyword usage should always be related to the job you are applying for. For the purposes of this article, we shall be focusing on keywords that should be included in a SAS administrator’s resume.


1. Installation and Maintenance of The SAS Platform

This is will be your primary role once you get the job. Hence, including this keyword in your resume could increase your chances of getting hired. Hiring managers want to know that you can do more than just install the SAS platform.

They are looking for individuals who can maintain its proper functioning, as well as use it accordingly. This includes being able to constantly upgrade the system, without experiencing any technical difficulties. Be sure to include this on your resume.


2. Base SAS Programming and SQL Programming

This type of job requires you to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced. If you are knowledgeable in SAS programming and SQL programming, you should indicate this in your resume. You will be required to implement what you know to properly operate the SAS platform.

Moreover, do not fail to include whatever experience you have had. Whether you helped in maintaining or fixing a SAS platform, you should include it. Also, add how you have effectively used the above knowledge to help certain companies. If you could get recommendations, that would increase your resume’s value.


3. Server Definition and Server Skills

A SAS administrator is also required to know how to operate the servers. Servers deal with the internet and are key to ensuring security in a company. They ensure security in terms of file and network protection.

They help keep out malware or viruses that could destroy company information. Moreover, they help keep out people that may be out to steal sensitive company information. So in essence, proper maintenance of servers help ensures the smooth running of the company.


4. SAS Library Creation

What is a SAS library? According to PennState Eberly College of Science, a SAS library is a group of SAS files stored in a particular folder in a computer. Such files often have SAS file extensions, to distinguish them from other files. These files can be permanent or temporary according to their purpose.

This helps keep track of the SAS platform, which is essential. Moreover, it helps the organization remain organized while carrying out their daily activities. Be sure to include this particular keyword in your resume.


5. Coding Skills

With the Digital and internet era, coding has become even more important. Individuals that have the ability to code are highly sought after by most businesses. Most particularly, IT companies and industries.

A SAS administrator is expected to have such a skill. This is because, such an administrator is expected to deal with computers, servers as well as the SAS platform. Coding skills help in developing a SAS platform, as well as come up with effective tools necessary for the platform.


6. Liaison Between Administrative Teams

A SAS administrator is expected to act as the point of contact for all related projects and activities. Hence, he or she should be able to take up a leadership position efficiently. Moreover, he or she should be able to communicate in a way that builds mutual relationships.


7. Understands SAS Products

An administrator that understands SAS products, can effectively operate the SAS platform. Moreover, he/ she can understand the SAS tools, as well as  install and operate automated products such as continuous integration, continuous deployment processes. Ensure that you indicate the above processes as well, so as to well- portray your knowledge and experience.


8. Aware Of Evolving Trends And Standards In Technology

Technology is always continual; and is always trying to improve itself.  Hence, an SAS administrator is ought to always be aware of whatever changes take place in their field. Moreover, they ought to have a desire to remain in constant learning.

Having a SAS administrator with such a quality, will help the company considerably. The company will be able to function accordingly, and have a competitive edge in the market.


9. SAS Platform Administration

The SAS platform calls for more than just maintenance. The platform requires constant upgrades, prior planning and constant support and tuning to ensure that it remains in perfect condition. This calls for someone that is hard working and purpose driven.

The SAS Platform is a crucial component to the company’s smooth functioning. Hence, so is the role you play in ensuring that it remains in good condition. Ensure that you highlight your skills and qualities effectively.


10. Problem Solver

A SAS administrator is required to fast at problem-solving, organized and highly efficient. Other than being highly knowledgeable about the SAS platform, they are supposed to portray certain skills and abilities. Keep in mind, that the point of a resume is to portray those skills and abilities the best way you can.


Conclusion / Summery 

In conclusion, there are a couple of other keywords that you should include on your resume. Including such keywords give you a competitive edge against other applicants. Moreover, they help increase the chances of you getting your dream job.

Identify and highlight reasons as to why they should hire you. Moreover, make them see why you would be a valuable addition to their organization.

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