10 Must Have Keywords on Your StockBroker Resume

It’s time to apply for a job, whether you’ve been through this process before or you are straight out of college with hopes and dreams to make it in the big world, your resume needs to be outstanding. You don’t need to invalid complicated words, just let it have the relevant information so that the employer can spot out the traits that they’re looking for almost immediately. The movies have painted quite interesting pictures regarding stockbrokers, don’t have Hollywood’s expectations,  embrace reality. A summary of your job description will be to manage your clients financial portfolio. Here are 10 words that will take you a step further into getting the job.


1. Research skills:

A skill that is extremely valued in this sector is research. You will be able to spot threats as well as opportunities very easily and faster when you make it a habit to do regular and thorough financial market research. You need to always stay up to date with this information.

2. Communication skill:

Can you convey a message across to another person without any information being miscommunicated? If yes, you’re almost there. You will be discussing what shares to purchase and which ones to sell with your client, so as to get the best returns. You can’t afford to have poor skills that will limit your relationship with the client.


3. Interpersonal skills:

Your people skills are also just as crucial as communication skills. You need to be able to create good relationships with others especially your clients. Can you imagine taking financial advice from someone that you don’t even trust? That’s why your client will need to find you reliable and trustworthy. You need to have a huge network and this trait is sure to help you with that.


4. Creative thinking:

Your mind should never be limited by the proverbial box, think out if it and never stay in it. There are vast opportunities nowadays, so you need to be a quick thinker and come up with strategies that will differentiate you from the competitors. You need to be able to spot opportunities really quick and advice your client on it. The same goes for risks, you’ll be saving the client a lot of money when you notice a downward trend and pull out the client.


5. Risk taker:

You can’t aspire to be a stock broker if you stick to the traditional ‘safe’ investments. Be able to jump and take high risks because the higher they are,the more you have to gain as well as lose. With some due diligence, you should be able to pick out the best investment areas that will need you to take huge chances.


6. Detail oriented:

You need to be able to see the valuable information, then decide how to prioritize it. You will be monitoring your clients’ investments, so any change, no matter the size, you need to notice a spike or a drop of whatever nature. You will also be pitching to new clients, how does detail come in? You can read a client and pitch relevant and related ideas. In this industry, every detail counts because one mistake can cause everything to fall down.


7. Qualified:

You don’t need to have several degrees and certificated to join other stock brokers, but a degree in economics, business or finance will put you at the top of the list. Understanding the financial field is an added bonus and allows you to fit right in much faster. Most employers prefer such cases because you don’t have to take a long while to be oriented and fit in. Having a good understanding of the financial market is important. If you have previous work experience in a similar or the same field list it so that you can make your resume have more weight.


8. Up to date:

You need to always be up to date regarding your clients’ investments, there shouldn’t be a single change that you can’t account for. This goes with your research skills. You need to be able to get the latest information on the money market and use it to your benefit. There is constant communication between a client and a stock broker, a client should not be the one informing new information, that is where you come in, you should be the one giving it.


9. Decision making skills:

This is not a field that the indecisive can thrive. You need to be sharp at all times and be able to make a call immediately a need arises. At times the only thing separating you from a huge loss is a few minutes. With your high confidence and high energy levels, you will be able to make critical decisions even in a high pressured scenario. You should never lose your eye from the goal. The client will count on you to make decisions concerning his/ her money and needs a profit more often than just breaking even.


10. Confidence:

Now in this part, the movies were accurate, stock brokers need to ooze out confidence. You need to be able to be extremely confident in yourself to the point that a client will increase their investments. When selling any product, potential clients always look at your belief in the functionality and importance of it. If you don’t trust the system, then how else will you work? Talk like you know everything there is about an investment and the client won’t hesitate to follow your advice.


You’re already a step closer to getting the job once you include these terms to your resume. This document is the first thing that will allow the recruitment department to know you. It creates your first impression and inclines them to call you for an interview  in the next round. Be honest and make your resume decorated as you make many more accomplishments. Believe in your abilities and no one will have the chance to try bring them down.

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