10 Must Have Keywords When Writing Your Marketing Manager Resume

We’ve all heard about the importance of keywords when it comes to blog articles. Using the proper keywords and correctly structuring your article, you can increase traffic to your blog considerably. In other words, using certain keywords related to your blog article will help your blog rank higher.

The same concept applies when it comes to writing resumes. Your resume is the first impression you make to your potential employer.  Simply put, a good resume could mean the difference between success or failure. So, make it count.

That said, you probably want to apply for the position of a marketing manager. Moreover, you’d like to know the proper keywords to include on your resume. Before we start, let us start by detailing exactly what a marketing manager does.

The Proper Keywords

Now, it is imperative to understand that keywords differ according to the type of profession or job.  They reflect particular job attributes and skills that are needed for the specific job. Hence, using the right keywords increases the attention your resume gets from your potential employer.

Below are certain keywords that you ought to include in your marketing manager resume.


1. Digital/ Internet Marketing

Let’s face it, technology and the internet have infiltrated our world. Other than just convenience, they are part of how we operate and live out our daily lives. That said, businesses and different types of industries have not been left behind on this.

In an effort to remain viable, companies have incorporated technology and digital operations. Thanks to the internet, a business can increase their audience reach to a global level. This increases the growth and success of the business considerably.

Hence, companies are now searching for marketers that are knowledgeable about the internet and digital platform.


2. Google Analytics

This term is related to digital marketing. Google analytics have the ability to increase performance when it comes to advertising. Knowing how to effectively implement google analytics can increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, as well as increase social presence online.

The need for marketing managers that have this skill has increased over the last couple of years. So, if you know all there is to know about google analytics, be sure to include it.


3. Advertising Strategy

As a marketing manager, you’ll primarily be dealing with crafting promotional information for your company. Hence, you will also have to deal with different types of media channels to reach your intended audience. Being able to come up with advertising strategies that will help grow and drive the business is key.


4. Brand Strategy and Acquisition

A brand acquisition is extremely advantageous for any business. Hence, it is imperative that you highlight this as one of your key skills in your resume. According to Evan Carmichael, an Entrepreneur brand acquisition involves obtaining an already existing brand offered by a different company.

This move helps the business establish itself in a market that is already stable and successful. This, in turn, will help the business grow at a rapid rate.


5. Business to Consumer/ Business to Business/ Business to Government

A marketing manager does not only have to maintain relations with media people. They are also required to create and maintain stable relationships with consumers, other businesses and the government as well.  Moreover, they are expected to market the company or business to the above-mentioned groups.

Business to consumer, business to Government and business to business are three types of marketing strategies.  You need to portray your ability and skill in these three particular areas in your resume.


6. Competitive Analysis

This is a skill that every hiring manager looks for. Competitive analysis involves you having to evaluate your competitors’ marketing strategies, and comparing them to yours. According to the Entrepreneur, the evaluation involves identifying your competitor’s strengths and weakness and using that to your advantage.

Potential employers look for individuals who can do this, to give their company a competitive edge. Additionally, to help them climb the business ladder and maintain a competitive position.


7. Campaign Management

This is one crucial that a marketing manager plays in a business. According to ActiveDemand, campaign management involves coming up with a strategy that helps tailor the proper price for products and services. And, in turn, helps increase profits for the business.

This helps the company stay in business. Moreover, it helps the company’s products and services to remain favorable in their target audience.


8. Market Research

According to Susan Ward, experienced business writer and person, best describes what market Research is. According to her, it is the process of collecting useful information that involves the marketplace, the competition, the target audience and so forth. This information allows the marketing manager to analyze the usefulness of certain marketing programs, to bring in profits for the business.

Of course, any hiring manager will be looking for someone that can benefit the company. So, ensure that you highlight this on your resume. Additonally, if you’ve had any previous experience, be sure to include it.


9. Product Launch

Product launch involves the process of introducing a new product in the market. This product can be an already existing one or a completely new product. A marketing manager is responsible for coming up with a product that meets customer needs, and marketing it effectively.

The marketing manager should ensure that the new product is favorable among its target audience and the market. This, in turn, should help bring in profits for the company.


10. Product Management        

Product management goes hand in hand with product launch. In fact, after the product launch, the marketing manager is expected to manage the product’s success in the market place. He/ she is expected to manage the growth, advertising and sale of the product.

Hence, a marketing manager is expected to carry out activities that will support the product in the marketplace. This support should ensure that the product remains viable and in demand throughout its product lifecycle.


In conclusion, there are many other keywords that should be included in a marketing manager resume. They include Brand management, Contract management and negotiations and market analysis just to name a few. The list is endless. Do not over clutter your resume. Potential employers hate having to read long essays, plus it gives a bad first impression.

Use the keywords properly, and structure your resume well- structured. If you do this, you will be able to maintain a competitive edge in the job market.

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