10 Must Have Keywords When Writing Your Retail/Store Manager Resume

Retail managers are in charge of the general operations of a store and purposefully align themselves with a company’s mission and values while servicing the clients in the best possible manner. They often are tenured employees who are capable of fostering an environment that leads to better sales performance overall.

Have you included the following keywords in your retail manager’s resume?

  1. Product Knowledge

Customers need the right product information in order to make judicious purchases. Therefore, retail managers must spend the time to expand their knowledge and know the various components, materials, and features of any product especially when training their teams

  1. Analytical Skills

A store managers’ ability to use methodical approaches to evaluate information, investigate a problem and find a solution in a timely, efficient manner is valuable strengths that come-in handy in terms of solving a company’s problems and increasing its productivity.

  1. Budget management

Having budgeting skills shows that you are capable of implementing cost-effective measures such as mapping out your spending plan ahead of time – a strategy that ensures that the company has enough money to run on effectively and keep it out of debt

  1. Communication

This skill is necessary when it comes to working effectively with employees. Communication is also vital when conducting toolbox meetings, handling both positive and negative customer-related issues as well as giving direction that can lead to business excellence.

  1. Effective Delegation

This skill involves a managers’ ability to define new job roles, screen and recruit suitable candidates, orient new employees, delegating, ensuring strong performances, and following ethical procedures when firing under-performing or erring employees.

  1. Problem-solving

Retail managers with good problem-solving skills will always strive to gather facts related to the problem and make a workable plan to resolve it. This shows potential employers that you are not only an active listener, but you are also effective in implementing effective interventions and solutions.

  1. Liaison

It is important for employees to know that they can trust their store manager to act as a positive buffer between them and upper level management and raise any concerns or issues such as payroll, benefits and work-related complaints on behalf of the employees.

  1. Customer Service

A store managers’ ability to quickly identify potential customers, address their primary need, pursue and manage valuable customer relationships enables them to focus and fine-tune their marketing efforts and make those efforts more productive.

  1. Accountability

A great manager is accountable when things go wrong or when the strategies they implemented have failed. This fosters trust between them, the employees and customers, thus contributing to a healthier business culture.

  1. Performance

In addition to developing the best talent in the retail market, managers are expected to get the most out of each team member and have a fair method in place for setting objectives and tracking each person’s achievement.

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