3 Reasons You Hate Recruiters (and how to find the few good ones)

You’re here because you hate recruiters, right? Let’s face it. Recruiters are not the most popular people on Earth. Heck, James a member of our resume writing team experienced this first-hand because he used to be a technology recruiter in Washington DC.

In fact, many recruiters have a terrible reputation among job candidates, often deservedly so. The recruiting industry has a fairly low barrier to entry, making it an easily attainable first job for recent college graduates with minimal experience or people just lacking general work experience.

The low barrier to entry makes it quite easy for unqualified recruiters to get into the industry, begin pestering you with phone calls, emails and unsolicited crap, giving the fantastic recruiters out there a bad name. Because if you get a call from one recruiter who doesn’t know right from left, up from down and Java from .NET, your likely to think all recruiters are the same way.

Trust me when we say, there are excellent recruiters in the industry that will blow you away. However, there are also a high number of recruiters who really don’t know up from down. So let’s go over the different reasons why you hate recruiters and how we can find the good recruiters, using this list. Let’s jump into the scenarios and what truly causes the hate for recruiters.

1. Recruiters don’t call you back

You recently had an awesome conversation with a recruiter, who brought up a position you thought you would be an excellent fit for… Or so you thought. It’s now been days, maybe even weeks, since you’ve heard back from the recruiter. And while the person you spoke with sounded enthusiastic about your prospects to receive the position, you haven’t been able to reach them by phone or email since.

This is one of the most frustrating scenarios you can encounter, because as a job candidate, all you want is an answer. While the answer may be a disappointing one, at least you’ll know what the current situation is with the position so that you can check it of your list or put it on the back burner.

2. Recruiters pester you

Contrary to #1, in which a recruiter has steadily ignored you after a great initial conversation, recruiters can also be absolute hounds when trying to pitch you new job opportunities. A good recruiter will know that there is a happy medium in terms of the total volume of contacts, phone calls versus email, etc.

There’s not much worse than receiving phone call after phone call from the same individual, especially when you’re busy at your current job. You simply don’t have time for the call and an amateur recruiter doesn’t recognize this. A bad recruiter is only thinking about themselves and their own personal benefit, not worrying about your concerns or scheduling.

3. Recruiters over-promise and under-deliver

Some recruiters out their might promise you the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but they’ll promise you the opportunity to interview for an awesome job opportunity and receive a massive pay raise.

A few days or weeks might pass and that awesome job opportunity you thought you were going to interview for seems like it disappeared. Often times, this is due to a recruiter over-hyping a position to you and not being able to deliver on his initial promises.

The top recruiters in the industry will ALWAYS be up-front with job candidates and be sure to over-promise on unattainable goals or raise a candidates hopes under false pretenses.

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