5 Keywords That Will Make Your Architect Resume Unforgettable

Are you an architect seeking to draft an unforgettable resume? The construction industry is highly competitive. You will need to spice up your resume to make it stand out from the rest of the applicants. The following are some of the five main tips you could incorporate into your resume in order to make it unforgettable.

Five must have keywords to include on your architect resume

1. Communication skills

A competent architect should be able to note down and understand all the guidelines that the client emphasizes on. If you have been able to meet the needs of your past clients successfully, then you should incorporate evidence of this into your resume. In addition to this, a good architect should be able to effectively communicate and listen to the builders and fellow architects who are executing the design

2.  Strong sketching or drawing skill

This is the time to show off any previous designs that you have personally executed. Try to incorporate variety by including both hand-drawn and computer program designed pieces. This will help you make your resume unforgettable. Show your recruits that you are able to come up with designs on short notice. You could research on the previous architectural designs that the company is responsible for, modify them, and incorporate the samples in your resume to make it unforgettable.

3. Teamwork

Teamwork is a crucial part of being an architect. Architects collaborate with very many groups of people, both on the building site and in the office. Make sure that you are able to show your recruiters that you can work alone with minimal supervisions and in a group. Most of the good architectural designs have the input of more than one architect, the builders, engineers, and even the designers. Make your resume stand out by outlining your ability to harmoniously work in a group.

4. Grasp client needs and consider practical solutions

As an architect, you need to be able to offer more than just making designs seem prettier. Make your resume stand out by showing your recruiters that you are able to develop solutions on short notice. Show that them that you can comprehend the client’s need and solve any other underlying issues that might crop up. Do this by providing examples of any problem project that you solved. Do you have the ability to pay attention to detail? Make use of past projects and the design of your resume to depict this skill.

5 Good business sense

Are you aware of the business aspect of architecture? There is more architecture than just making designs and sketching. Yu have to know how to handle clients and attract more business to the company. Have you done any business management courses? They will come in handy in making your resume look unforgettable. The recruiters need to know if you will be able to create good quality, meet deadlines, and increase the company returns when they hire you.

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