5 Keywords That Will Make Your Career Advisor Resume Unforgettable

The trick when applying for a job in career advice is standing out. Think of it as a 1st date, you need to make an incredible first impression. That is exactly what your resume is- a first impression. You need to answer the question- what are you bringing to the table?
It’s time to look at your Career Advisor resume and use terms that will get your potential employer’s attention.


This line of work requires you to offer advice to others. You need to be able to pass this information across clearly and articulately. You will be expected to guide the customers and train them. Evaluating their background, training as well as education to know them better. Communication is the only valuable skill that will help you read and understand a customer. You also need to make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

Interpersonal Skills

This is a job that requires face to face/ phone or email conversations. It relies on another person so companies will look for a candidate who will support customers as they develop their employment skills, network with other organizations,

Time Conscious

It is important to be timely so as to meet the contract deadlines. It always shows your professionalism. There will be several meetings that you will be required to go for so punctuality is key. When you are serving a client, you are representing the company, any ill behavior will tarnish the name. Therefore, a candidate must meet this criterion. It is a deal breaker


An ideal candidate for a career advisor post needs to be able to organize workshops, meeting schedules and trainings. You need to show that you are the ideal punctual applicant. You also need to have an eye for detail in this line. There are several tests like aptitude and achievement tests that need to be done on a client to pick out the skills. You need to be able to organize this. It goes without saying that a career advisor can’t guide and train someone yet be disorganized, untidy and unprofessional. The customer must be satisfied with the service he/she is getting, this leads to referrals and an increase in the client pool. Remember that you need to be an asset to the company, its goals will be yours.

Career advisors assist in pointing out suitable careers for clients, creating resumes, seeing gaps in skills and the perfect places to look for a job. This requires one who is sharp and creative with the execution of the information. People are different and a career advisor needs to spot the differences and pick out the ideal work post.
For your career advisor application, you need to be different from the other applicants, be straight to the point and list your capabilities and accomplishments. You are interested in a position that has the main responsibility of advising others on their life path in terms of a career and its growth. Sell yourself and show that you are the perfect fit for the job.

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