5 Keywords That Will Make Your IT Manager Resume Unforgettable

You’re finally taking that step and applying for the IT managerial position open in your organization, only issue is that there seems to be a confidence bug going around because everyone else is doing the same. Now you need to figure out how you’ll be the best of the lot, first thing’s first, your resume needs to have a few key words.

Interpersonal Skills

As expected, a manager needs to be able to relate with others so that the company’s goals are met. You need to give this impression, because anyone who cannot interact with others and motivate or punish them when need be will not be suitable for the position. Every employee is wired differently, you need to make that a strength to the company rather than a weakness.


You need to be organized and have a system that works. There are IT electronic data operations that will need to be planned, controlled and organized. A perfect person for the job needs to manage the recruitment, training and coaching, as well as the appraisals of the employees. You need to be hands on and organized to ensure that each procedure is being followed and that the work environment is good.


Another term that will get the attention of the recruiters is creativity. You need to think out of the box and give new and impressive ideas that will keep the company ahead. An IT manager designs, develops, implements as well as coordinates systems, policies and procedures for the company. You need to show that you can come up with innovative plans to be implemented rather than sticking to the norm. this should also be applied in problem solving, a great manager deals with each problem uniquely, ensuring that the solution is the best alternative.


Your resume needs to show that you pay attention to every detail and that you are keen and alert in terms of the job. You need to be able to identify problematic areas and create or use already existing strategic solutions. It will be an added benefit if you are able to analyze the system and spot the weak areas that need more focus, and come up with suggestions to improve them.

Communication Skills

Each task that is under this docket is required to be done effectively and efficiently, on top of that any information to be relayed should be done so clearly. An IT manager should be able to pass across a message with no difficulty. Whether it is after auditing the system, training employees, handling the budget or ensuring the data, network and back-up systems are secure, the reports that come during and afterwards should be easy to understand and clear. This helps avoid miscommunication and will let the juniors know what is required of them.

Your resume serves as your first impression, its contents need to be unforgettable because they determine whether you get a call back or not. So, choose your words well. If you have the professional qualifications and the right skills for the job, you don’t have to sweat.

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