5 Keywords That Will Make Your Art Gallery Manager Resume Unforgettable

Whenever you’re applying for a job, you need your resume to be unforgettable. Your passion towards art will not be enough to get you the art gallery managerial position. You need to have a professional resume that lets you stand out as a potential candidate. Here are five words that will give your resume the right punch to get you to the next stage- the interview.


The role of an art gallery manager is to create a relationship with existing and new artists, advertise the gallery, expand the clientele and basic networking. A great gallery manager has to have great communication skills due to this. You need to emphasize on this ability. It shows that you are qualified to run the public relations without any issues.


Your resume needs to include planning and organizational skills. Your potential employer requires someone who can organize equipment, artwork, exhibitions as well as transportation when required both to and from the gallery for both local and international guests. A manager needs to have these skills if they are to ensure the smooth running of the gallery. Take note that there are several records and archives to be kept. This will catch the attention of the reader so be sure to explain briefly on this point so that you can add more weight to it.


It needs to be known that you like being up to date with the latest art industry trends and development. In this field, there are several new artists who also come up. A company will have confidence in a manager who is always on their toes and is able to be prepared for anything.  Show that you can manage the day-to-day tasks involving an art gallery manager. Sell yourself and create the need to value research skills.


This is the point that you emphasize on your ability to look over and ensure that a task is well executed. You must be the best fit to ensure that the type of artwork is appropriate and is hang well. There are several assistants and outsourced staff that will be involved with the gallery, you need to be able to manage them so that the gallery is always in order and that each issue that arises is solved.


This should go unsaid; every art gallery manager needs to have an eye for detail. Tasks should be executed well. Remember that you want to get a job that requires you to analyze and select artwork. You need to be knowledgeable in the different art styles and be capable of organizing an exhibition from the guests to the arrangement of art pieces to the lighting. This skill comes in handy when negotiating with artists and other art galleries.

These simple words make a huge difference and should be used to get the employer curious and anxious to meet you. Your resume is an artwork, it paints the perfect picture

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