7 Tips That’ll Make Your International Teaching Resume Unforgettable

When writing a resume for a international teaching position, not every teacher is able to create a very compelling resume. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing 7 tips to make your teaching resume unforgettable and capture the attention of the recruiter.


Avoid the use of Acronyms

Do not use an acronym in your resume and assume the interviewer or recruiter will figure it out on their own. Different states/cities/countries have different acronyms for various certifications, degrees and endorsements. Make sure you spell them all out the very first time they are mentioned in the resume if you are applying for a job outside your city or town. Also, when it comes to degrees and endorsements, list out your certifications alongside the year they were acquired.

Be simple with it

You don’t need to go into much details about your tasks or responsibilities, anyone looking to hire a teacher already knows what a teacher does. When describing your past experience as a teacher, make sure you mention the subjects you taught, the level or classes as well as age circle of your students, the type of school, city/state and country as well as the date/number of years you spent at each school.


List out your achievements

There are usually not much differences in the resumes submitted by applicants for a teaching job. Too much emphasis is placed on experience but really, what the recruiter is interested in is what exactly you achieved during those years of experience you garnered over the past years. Did you help initiate or start or complete a project? Took extra classes or private tutorials to improve the skills of your students? This will help recruiter to know what you are capable of achieving and what makes you more qualified for the job.


Use the right keywords

In writing an unforgettable job description, it is essential that you make use of the appropriate keywords. Also, include keywords relevant to your past working experience in your resume. This is also another part of your resume where you should avoid the use of acronyms. If you took Special Education classes at your last school, do not write Sp. Ed.



Your resume should not be almost perfect, but perfect and therefore you should not give room to any kind of typographical errors, formatting problems and many more.



The ideal format to send your resume in is in PDF because no one will have problems with either printing it or viewing it, and it can easily be parsed into any database. It should be between a page or two and there is no need to put pictures.


Know your audience

While you are at it, do not forget who is reading your resume and customize it just to suit them without taking out professionalism.
By using these tips on your resume you are sure to nail the interview and eventually land the job

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