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It’s time for a little story of how I messed up big time in an interview, really big time. I was honestly about five minutes away from a job offer with a nice raise, when I screwed up to the point where all of the good things that occurred in the previous interviews were thrown out the window.

It’s not all bad news though.

By going through this experience I learned something very important, ended up with a better company in the long-run and now have an important lesson to teach you. If you watch this video and do five minutes of interview preparation, I guarantee you’ll avoid this mistake every single time.

Here it is below.

Pretty stupid move by yours truly right?

I go through the entire interview process with a company, end up sitting in the conference room with the CEO/Founder and I haven’t taken 5 minutes of time to sign up for the company’s free trial cloud software. There really isn’t an excuse for such an action, other than pure laziness at the time.

The second I said I hadn’t at least played around with the software, I could see the look of disdain on the CEO’s face and I knew I was toast. Don’t make the same mistake that I did.

By taking a few minutes out of your day to register for the company’s software/free-trial, you’ll but yourself in a position to never make this mistake and also have a key talking point in the interview as well.

It seems so simple, but if you take the time to browse a companies software/product prior to the interview, it will show that you truly care about the interview. I didn’t take that time and the CEO immediately knew I really didn’t care.

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