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Beautiful, Free Resume Templates via Resume Shoppe

As someone constantly involved in guiding careers, I often read the posts on Reddit/r/Jobs to keep a pulse on the job market and gather thoughts from job seekers. Today, an excellent post has made the rounds and received quite a bit of love on Reddit/r/Jobs, so I wanted to share it to my loyal readers. Below...

Reviewing – Why it’s a game changer

Look: People that enjoy the job search usually have two things in common: First, they have a seamless, smooth and quick interview process. Second, they have a transparent interview process, involving clear salary/equity/benefits up front and no funny negotiations on the back-end. This is where comes into play, as I believe it meets both...

Here’s the Deal with Contract to Hire Positions

Contract to hire… If you’ve been in the job market lately or have had a recruiter reach out to you, it’s likely that you’ve heard the term contract to hire recently. What is a contract to hire position? What does it mean for you as a job candidate and how should you approach a scenario...

8 Best Job Search Sites that will get you hired quickly!

Hi, my name is Rob a software sales veteran who has written this article, which is sponsored by The No.1 Professional Resume Writing Service of 2017 Job hunters always ask me, “Rob, what are the best job search sites that I need to get my resume on?” When you’re looking to get noticed by...

5 Common Components of a Killer Resume

In my opinion, there are 5 components that comprise a KILLER resume. You don’t need to have all 5 components to find a great job and most people take years to possess all 5, but these criteria will make any recruiter sit on the edge of his/her seat while reading over a resume. Hi, my...

How Recruiters Find your Resume on the Job Boards

How do recruiters find your resume on the job boards? Most job candidates have no idea how this process works, yet it’s a crucial aspect of creating visibility online when trying to find your next position. If you know how recruiters can find your resume on the job boards, you can perform a few simple tricks...

Do HeadHunters and Recruiters cost money?

Do headhunters and recruiters cost money when utilizing them to find you a job? The short answer, is yes and no, it depends on the situation. Typically, there are two types of headhunters/recruiters in the world. One is recommended to work with while I would highly recommend avoiding the other type of recruiter, except for...

How to negotiate salary with a Recruiter

One of the first questions a recruiter might ask you is what salary are you targeting. It’s an important topic that can really make a break a position for you, or the recruiter, so how you handle this will make a big impact on your future interactions with that specific recruiter. Negotiating rate is something...
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