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Hi, my name is Rob a software sales veteran who has written this article, which is sponsored by CareerBloom.co The No.1 Professional Resume Writing Service of 2017

Job hunters always ask me, “Rob, what are the best job search sites that I need to get my resume on?” When you’re looking to get noticed by employers, one of the best ways to do so is putting your resume on the job boards and job search sites. But which job boards should you use and what are the best job sites to increase overall online visibility to give you the best chance of finding a great new career?

There are a number of differentiating factors and some people might say to put your resume everywhere. However, time is a valuable thing and you shouldn’t have to spend 40 hours per week getting your resume onto the best job search sites. So that’s why we’ve created this guide, to assist you in finding the best job boards for YOU, optimizing your time and chances of finding that dream career!

Feel free to pick and choose the job sites that you feel fit your need the best, because it’s certainly not a necessity to post your resume on every single job board here. Let’s get started!


Indeed is in my opinion, one of the best job sites out there simply because of it’s massive database of available jobs. Indeed is an aggregator of job postings from a number of company websites, staffing firms and associations that will present you with a high number of options to find what’s currently available in your location.

Indeed is currently the #1 most visited job site in the United States, with over 140 million visitors every month! That’s a lot of potential eye balls on your resume, although it’s also a lot of competition because you will not be the only person apply to positions here.

If you’d like to get a feel for what’s currently available on Indeed, feel free to search below.

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Hired.com is a really interesting concept in hiring for high-end positions in the technology industry. For positions such as software engineers, data scientists, software sales professionals, product managers and UI/UX designers, Hired.com allows you to apply to gain acceptance and membership into their job search network.

I haven’t gotten a chance to utilize Hired.com myself yet but I’ve heard nothing but great things and the concept seems excellent. It’s a phenomenal idea and is really advantageous for job seekers. More details are included below from Hired.com’s website.

What is your approval process for candidates and companies?
Both candidates and companies are vetted before inclusion in the marketplace. Candidates must have a complete profile and demonstrable talent in a desired technical field. Companies must be venture backed or publicly traded, have a clear need to hire, and be willing to provide compensation and role details in the offers they make on our platform.

Streamlined Process
Get 5 to 15 real job offers in one week. Interview with the companies you like.

Salary Upfront
Save time. Know your future salary, equity, and signing bonus before you interview.

Hired Signing Bonus
Land a job using Hired and we send you a $2,000 signing bonus. Think of it as our way of saying congratulations.

Hired.com certainly isn’t for everyone. They are very selective with the type of job seeker they accept into their program and allow to interview, but if you are accepted into their program, it’s a Win-Win. Not only do you see your future salary, equity and hiring bonus up front, they also pay you $2,000 for using their service. Pretty incredible.

Out of this entire list, I think Hired.com might be the most innovative and interesting of the job search sites. As I’ve already stated, it’s not for everyone, but with the people that fit it’s profile, it’s fantastic. Check out my additional post on why I think Hired.com is the most innovative job search site currently in existence.


Monster is a great resource for job searching. How do I know this? Because I spent MUCH of my time as a recruiter pouring through resumes on Monster.com for ideal candidates and often filling the open positions with candidates sourced on Monster. Monster allows you to search by jobs through a number of methods such as location, category, company, etc. Additionally, Monster offers some pretty interesting features not found on other job boards such as a Free Salary Wizard, Resume Writing Service, Interview Preparation articles and more.

All in all, if you’re looking to get discovered by posting your resume online, Monster.com is a fantastic place to start. Almost all of the major corporations and recruiting agencies utilize Monster to source talent, so if you want your resume in front of a lot of eyes, get it on Monster.


CareerBuilder is another one of the best job search sites in my opinion, similar to Monster, that has large backing of recruiters and companies searching for talent on it’s job boards. As a recruiter, CareerBuilder has a really strong search engine that allows you to accurately target resumes with desired specifications, without solely relying on Boolean search strings. It gives recruiter options to sort resumes by fields such as “years of experience”, “education level”, “work status” and a number of other great options that allow for heavily targeted searches.

Throughout my career as a recruiter, CareerBuilder was consistently one of the best places that I would go to find top quality job candidates in a fast time period. In my opinion, having your resume on Indeed, CareerBuilder and Monster will get your the most possible eyeballs on your resume possible.


Dice is the premier job search site for technology and engineering professionals, whether you are a network engineer, software developer, systems administrator, project manager, etc. As a recruiter, Dice provided me some of the best job applicants for technology positions because you it’s a much smaller and more targeted community of professionals. If you are a tech job seeker, I highly recommend getting your resume on Dice as it will often be seen by the technical recruiters who know what they are doing.

With Dice, you’re not going to get as many calls as you would one of the larger job boards, but you will receive more targeted positions, as the site is geared solely towards technology and engineering.

Simply Hired –

Simply Hired is another one of the best job search aggregator sites, similar to Indeed.com in many ways, although it’s not necessarily as popular yet. Simply Hired aggregates job postings from job boards, newspapers, classifieds, company career websites and social networks to build a complete look at job openings in your area.

Simply Hired is an excellent place to find the positions in your area that you’re looking for, although it’s not the most utilized job posting site yet by recruiters. Simply Hired has been growing rapidly in terms of usage, so keep an eye on this site and give it a go if you’re interested below!

The Ladders –

The Ladders is a job-matching service that was initially designed for job candidates seeking salaries of $100,000+/year. The Ladders has a different revenue model than many of the other job search sites that we’ve spoken about already, in which you can receive a basic membership to the website with limited access, or pay for “The Ladders Premium” for $25/month where you receive full access to over 75,000 recruiters and employers.

The Ladders definitely isn’t for everyone, especially with their target market of “higher-end talent” and salary positions, but it’s worth taking a look at if you’re in that range.

LinkedIn –

LinkedIn technically isn’t just a “job board”, but they do offer some of the best job searching solutions on the internet. One of my favorite aspects of the LinkedIn job search is that you can actually apply directly with your profile, attach cover letters, resumes and more.

This is just another reason that you must consider LinkedIn to be the face of your online candidacy, especially if you’re an active job candidate. If you’re applying directly to positions via LinkedIn, make sure that you have a fully optimized LinkedIn profile and adjusted privacy settings if you are currently employed!

Upwork –

Upwork.com isn’t necessarily a job board or a job search site in the traditional sense. Elance is a website dedicated to helping freelancers find jobs and helping companies find freelancers.

Upwork is typically a great place for people who enjoy client work, earning an hourly rate and having a high degree of independence. It’s typically been dominated by professions such as website designers, software developers, content writers and customer service but it’s now also expanded into sales and marketing, engineering and architecture, project management and more.

In addition to being a good place for hourly workers and contractors to post their resumes and profiles, Upwork is also a good place to start for individuals looking to gain experience in a specific field or perhaps anyone who is struggling to find employment. By gaining experience and also earning a little bit of side income, Elance can potentially be a true kick start for your career.

You can register on any Upwork link above to receive a job post for free, which is great.


As a job seeker, this list should give you an idea of places that you can visit today to increase your online visibility with recruiters and employees. If you get your resume on some or all of these websites, you should begin to receive traction almost immediately, as these are the best job search sites in my opinion to increase visibility and get eye balls where they need to be.

Other than the job sites listed above, are there any others you believe that I should have included? Sounds off in the comments below!

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