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Top Job Sites – 30 of the Ultimate Resources

Job candidates: Have you been on the market for an upgrade in your career, but you have no idea where to look or what tools to use? That’s where I hope to step in. By providing this massive collection of the top job sites, I hope to help all job candidates with these awesome resources,...

Tips for Job Interview – 5 easy tips

Nailing your job interview is one of the most important steps to finding the career of your dreams. Job interviews are always stressful and most people find them to be an extremely difficult part of the job search process. However, there are 5 simple tips for job interviews you can take that will guarantee you...

CloserIQ Review – Is CloserIQ legit

About a year ago, I reviewed, which is one of the larger online talent marketplaces in existence. Since that post, it’s grown to become one of the most popular on Career Dreaming. Since then, I’ve also come across a new website, similar to, that focuses exclusively on sales professionals, CloserIQ. My name is James a...

How to start a career in software sales

Recently, I posted an article discussing “Four Reasons you Should Consider a Career in Software Sales”, which received some excellent feedback, especially from Reddit. As someone who is currently working in Software Sales, I received a number of inquiries from people interested in getting into a career track towards Software Sales. My name is Rob...

Four reasons you should consider a career in Software Sales

My name is Rob a software sales veteran who has written this article for The No.1 Resume Writers For Sales Professionals. So, let’s kick off this conversation with the fact that I work in Software Sales. Quite frankly, I wish I knew about the career potential in software sales when I was in college,...

Beautiful, Free Resume Templates via Resume Shoppe

As someone constantly involved in guiding careers, I often read the posts on Reddit/r/Jobs to keep a pulse on the job market and gather thoughts from job seekers. Today, an excellent post has made the rounds and received quite a bit of love on Reddit/r/Jobs, so I wanted to share it to my loyal readers. Below...

Here’s the Deal with Contract to Hire Positions

Contract to hire… If you’ve been in the job market lately or have had a recruiter reach out to you, it’s likely that you’ve heard the term contract to hire recently. What is a contract to hire position? What does it mean for you as a job candidate and how should you approach a scenario...

5 Common Components of a Killer Resume

In my opinion, there are 5 components that comprise a KILLER resume. You don’t need to have all 5 components to find a great job and most people take years to possess all 5, but these criteria will make any recruiter sit on the edge of his/her seat while reading over a resume. Hi, my...
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