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10 Must Have Keywords When Writing Your Social Media Marketing Resume

One way for businesses of all sizes to build brand buzz and boost their bottom line in order to reach prospects and customers is by having the ability to create great content that ignites and engages an audience through social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. The need for social media marketers such as...

10 Must Have Keywords When Writing Your Project Management Resume

The role of a project manager is extensive and involves responsibilities such as planning and scheduling tasks, overseeing day-to-day execution, evaluating performance and monitoring progress until a project comes to a close all within scope and budget. A project manager roles require skill, quick sifting abilities and a natural command of authority. These keywords come...

10 Must Have Keywords When Writing Your Finance Sales Resume

There is certainly room for optimization for anyone who is looking for a job in finance sales whether from an entry-level to more advanced positions. Successful candidates can get a major leg up, especially if they can build a keyword-enhanced resume. So consider the following 10 must-have keywords that should naturally appear on your finance...

10 Must Have Keywords When Writing Your Medical Device Sales Resume

A medical device salesperson’s job entails selling medical products to doctors, insurance companies or hospital buyers. It is considered one of the most lucrative job with a number of perks such as frequent travel. However, in order to get such a job, one must have a prior background in sales because you are not only...

7 Tips That Will Make Your Sales Resume Unforgettable

Can you imagine trying to sell ice to an Eskimo and succeeding, wouldn’t that be a great achievement? One of the fundamentals of sales and marketing is creating a need for a product in the minds of the consumers, and they will buy whatever you are selling. Congratulations if you have achieved this. However, with...

Writing a Perfect Resume for an Entry-Level Position at Citi Group

Are you a recent college or university graduate? Are you seeking a job in one of the most coveted global banks, such as Citi? If you are, then this read will direct you on how to come up with the perfect resume for your entry-level position at Citi. What You Need To Know About Recruitments Done...

10 Keywords You Must Have on Your CPG Sales Resume and Why

Landing a job these days is incredibly challenging, and that’s because the competition is so high. Typically, companies will receive dozens of applications and subsequently will need to analyse a staggering number of resumes for a single vacancy. So, as time is so precious in business; the system reviewing your resume will usually look out...

10 Keywords You Must Have on Your Pharmaceutical Sales Resume and Why

Your resume serves as a spokesperson, an advocate, and your personal advertisement. It will be, in most cases, your ticket to an interview. An effective pharmaceutical sales resume must have the right keywords. Keywords are specific words or phrases that are used to describe a person’s skills and experiences. It show that a job seeker...

How to Keyword Optimize Your Sales Resume for ATS

Technology has often been thought to simplify our lives. While this may be true, some instances are just the opposite, like job searching. To be precise, technology has made the job “searching” part easier for anyone seeking to make a career change. You just go online, get into a company’s website or portal and communicate...
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