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3 Reasons You Hate Recruiters (and how to find the few good ones)

You’re here because you hate recruiters, right? Let’s face it. Recruiters are not the most popular people on Earth. Heck, James a member of our resume writing team experienced this first-hand because he used to be a technology recruiter in Washington DC. In fact, many recruiters have a terrible reputation among job candidates, often deservedly so....

Sales Development Representative – The Best Starting Sales Job?

Is a Sales Development Representative (or Business Development Representative) job the best place to start a career in software sales? we get asked this question all the time and the short answer is, it depends. Where are you in your career currently, experience wise? Do you have numerous years of experience in a different industry...

Best Sales Books 2017 – What you need to read

Whether you’re currently in the sales profession or actively considering making a move into the space, in our opinion, these are some of the best sales books of 2017 that you can read. In either stage of a career, whether you’re in the sales industry or outside of it and trying to get in, we...

College Students: Consider a Career in Software Sales

Dear College Students (and recent graduates), You may or may not have any idea of where you want to focus your career and what you want to spend the rest of your life doing and that’s absolutely okay. That’s a big reason why we’re here talking to you today. My name is James a software...

How to Prepare for a Software Sales Interview

Many of you reading this right now have a high level of interest in beginning a career in Software Sales, but, you either haven’t started the interview process or haven’t mastered it yet. That’s why I put together this training on “How to Prepare for a Software Sales Interview”. My name is Rob a software...

Four reasons NOT to start a career in Software Sales

By now, you’ve probably seen the two articles we have written advocating for Software Sales Careers. If you haven’t yet, check them out below. 4 Reasons to Consider a Career in Software Sales 4 (More) Reasons to Consider a Career in Software Sales With all of the positives we see with Software Sales Careers, that’s...

Four (more) reasons you should consider a career in Software Sales

We wrote a great piece a little over a year ago regarding why you should consider a career in Software Sales. Before reading the post be sure to check it out first as we’re not going to be repeating: “4 Reasons to Consider a Career in Software Sales” My name is James a software sales...

A Software Sales Interview Story – Don’t Do This!

My name is Rob a software sales veteran who has written this article for The No.1 Resume Writers For Sales Professionals It’s time for a little story of how I messed up big time in an interview, really big time. I was honestly about five minutes away from a job offer with a nice...

The 5 Best Sales Jobs in 2018 for Long-Term Success

As a software sales professional, I’m very much an advocate for long-term career prospects in the space, as well as earning potential. However, not everyone that is interested in a sales career loves the IT/software space, so I have comprised this research on the 5 best sales jobs across any industry. My name is Rob a software...

4 Most Common Roles in Software Sales Jobs

At Career Dreaming, we receive tons of daily email from readers asking about what it’s like to work in a software sales job and how to get started finding a position in the industry. Each individual has their own distinct personality and preference when it comes to what they prefer to do in their careers,...
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