Tips for Job Interviews

How to Get Hired Without Much Prior Experience

With more and more young professionals noticing the paradox of needing prior experience to secure an entry-level position, the concept has gone as far as to become a viral Internet joke. However, this is more than just an instance of light humor. It is the reality many are confronted with as we speak, and it...

How to Prepare for a Software Sales Interview

Many of you reading this right now have a high level of interest in beginning a career in Software Sales, but, you either haven’t started the interview process or haven’t mastered it yet. That’s why I put together this training on “How to Prepare for a Software Sales Interview”. My name is Rob a software...

A Software Sales Interview Story – Don’t Do This!

My name is Rob a software sales veteran who has written this article for The No.1 Resume Writers For Sales Professionals It’s time for a little story of how I messed up big time in an interview, really big time. I was honestly about five minutes away from a job offer with a nice...

Job Seekers: Use Employee Referral Programs to your advantage

As a job seeker, you should absolutely be aware of what an Employee Referral Program is. But, why¬†you might ask? It’s a simple answer. Organizations around the world are utilizing Employee Referral Programs to meet their hiring needs and paying internal employees big time cash bonuses to refer friends and former colleagues to meet open...

Tips for Job Interview – 5 easy tips

Nailing your job interview is one of the most important steps to finding the career of your dreams. Job interviews are always stressful and most people find them to be an extremely difficult part of the job search process. However, there are 5 simple tips for job interviews you can take that will guarantee you...

5 quick job interview tips

As promised, I’ve listed a number of resources that are complimentary to the 5 quick job interview tips below. My name is James a software sales veteran who is now a member of the resume writing team here at and 1. Dress professional (over-dressing is better than under-dressing) Here are a few detailed...