If you really want to get a job at Best Buy, you have to make sure you ace the interview. And how can you possibly do that if you do not ask for others’ advice? Those who have already experienced what you are now preparing for can share their story with you. Learning about general interview questions beforehand can help you become a great fit for the job.

Best Buy is one of the largest electronics retail franchise in the world. Across the globe, the franchise as more than 1,000 locations. This retailer is also one of the biggest employers of entry-level workers. It consistently hires new individuals who are motivated and hard-working. Read more about some of the interview questions you may be asked during a job interview at Best Buy.

1.    Describe What Would You Do If You Have to Deal with an Irritated Customer

During a job interview at Best Buy, you will mostly come across interview questions which test your ability to react to different scenarios. In this case, when your potential employer asks how you would react in case a customer is not satisfied with your service, you have to prove to be very  empathic. Make sure you picture yourself in that particular scenario and try to find a realistic and fair way to solve the problem. You can answer that you would listen to your customer’s concerns. Then, you will calmly explain them how to solve their problem. This way, you will prevent the customer from filling out a complain form and everyone will be happy.

2.    What Are Your Favorite Pieces of Technology?

Since Best Buy is known to be a great electronics retail, they will ask you this question to figure out which electronics you will be able to present. Depending on what electronics you know and you are interested in, they can think about a suitable position. If you like play stations or games, you may work in the gaming aisle. This way, they make sure that you are talking and selling something you like. When you love what you do, feeling stressed about your job it’s not going to be a problem.

3.    How Has Your Past Experience Prepared You for This Position?

To answer this question, refer to your professional experience. Make sure you take a look at your CV before the interview and think about how you would answer this question. Since this employer also offers entry-level jobs, not all those who apply for the job have a varied experience. Nevertheless, in case you have already worked in the retail area, you can say what skills you managed to develop. The answer to this question should prove that you are an empathic person, very patient, always wearing a smile and willing to help your customers. Describe situations which highlight the fact that you are hard-working and determined to obtain great results.

4.    What Did You Like Best About Your Previous Job?

Well, in this case, honesty is imperative since your potential employer can check with your previous employer whether you did well or not at your previous job. You should answer with something like “Sometimes, I went through difficult situations, but I was able to manage them. I like working with people and that is why I pursued this path since I consider customer experience to be of great value.” You could also talk about your co-workers and boss, telling the interviewer about the relationship with them.

5.    If You Were a Customer at Best Buy, What Changes Would You Like to Make?

This is a tough question since you have to place yourself in your customers’ shoes. Make sure you think about some realistic changes you would like to see without offending the franchise. Be professional and honest and start with exactly the thing that could be improved and how. This way, you prove your employer that you want to do your best to aid future customers. Also, try to come up with some solutions for their issues to prove that managing problems is one of your skills.


Finding the right answers to complex Best Buy interview questions can be hard when you are nervous or at the start of your career. Make sure you give honest answers and you show the employer that you are motivated, determined and hard-working. You could even convince your potential employer to hire you if you prove that customer care is one of your top priorities, and you are interested in offering a great customer experience. Satisfied customers lead to more sales and more profit which can lead to a bigger salary.

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