Common interview questions – with answers (librarian)

What experience do you have in a busy, front facing customer services environment?

What experience do you have of helping customers to access and use networked services, standard software packages and online services?

What experience do you have of working in a library or information service?

Describe occasions when you have provided excellent verbal and written communication skills including the ability to adjust the content of information to suit varying levels of understanding?

Good IT skills including familiarity with Microsoft Office, library management systems, social media and web technologies are important for this role provide occasions when you have effectively used some or all of these applications?

Describe occasions when you haveĀ  to provided excellent customer service?

What experience do you have of being supportive and encouraging of others?

Describe a time when you worked effectively as a team to deliver specific results?

What experience do you have of using your initiative and judgement to resolve problems, identifying practicable and suitable solutions?

Provide a time when you showed excellent attention to detail and the ability to maintain work of high quality?

Provide an occasion when you demonstrated a commitment to, and understanding of, equality and diversity issues within a diverse and multicultural environment?

Do you have experience of lifting and carrying light loads? (e.g. books, small equipment)

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