The promotion from a sales representative to a sales manager is a job transition that every career focused salesman would like to achieve. This article gives you a step by step guide in how to establish ‘yourself’ as someone who would be a successful manager.

How to transform into a leading sales manager?

Aim for the promotion from the beginning

The journey from being a bachelor’s students or master’s graduate to getting the job as a sales representative in a company is a long one. To achieve more, you need to go even further.

What should you aim for?

You need to know where you would like to see yourself five or ten years from now and find out what skills, attributes, and talents that position requires. We all know that you’ll be closing a significant number of sales, so we won’t touch on that subject. But to go from this onto a higher position, you need to have a career plan and certain objectives you wish to achieve.


Broaden your horizons and have a good cultural insight

Be the instrumental resource of your superiors:

Step two requires you to be great at both national and international dealings. The sales markets all around the world have different decision criteria, financial justifications and, cultural restrictions. To win a deal in these environments requires empathy and confidence. Thus, you need an understanding of all the cultural insights, market dealings, and sales literature before you start engaging in high value sales targets. Be good at being a sales representative and work hard to widen the pool of knowledge you possess.


Generate a good resume and enhance your leadership qualities

How to do this?

Every significant milestone that you achieve and major company that you make a sale with should go down on your resume’s front page. The better understanding you have of the customer’s insight, the more you’ll be able to mold your words to make them snap at your offer. Moreover, to become a sales manager, you need to get hold of a collection of good leadership qualities. Which are detailed below.


Acknowledge the changes in your job’s description

Acknowledging changing nature of your job is important as their will be times when you will be asked to take on bored duties you wouldn’t normally do. While you take the next step towards becoming a manager, you need to find out and understand how you can use these extra responsibilities to advance your career.

The main difference between the two:

A sales manager is required to approach his personnel team with a mindset of ‘we’ and ‘us’ while the representative works as an individual. Moreover, a representative’s success is measured on an individual basis but a sales manager is only as successful as each member of his team. Anthony Iannarino (from the Sales Blog) says,

“The more you focus on helping your team succeed the greater your results. The opposite is also true; the less you focus on helping your team succeed, the poorer your results.”


Demonstrate yourself as a team leader

Step five requires showcasing yourself as a potential leader even when you aren’t one.

What do you need to do?

Try to help your fellow colleagues as much as you can, guide them through a tough situations and assist them in resolving minor issue and offer them an easy way to solve their matters. Remember! Your superiors are always watching and analyzing your performance. They can see whom they need to offer a promotion to and who is capable of dealing with greater responsibilities. Such caring and helping personality traits are appreciated in the managerial position. Thus, stay at the top of your game, always!


Motivate, learn and step out of your comfort zone

Following the above five steps will help you get promoted and the steps from number six on wards will make your new job heaven.

Here’s how you become technically competent:

You are awarded a distinctive position and it’s time you get out of your previous comfort zone. You did a great job in dealing with customers and clients. Now it’s time you do the same with your sales team. Now, you are the motivating force behind the success of each individual. Mold your commands, delegating behavior and support style. You’ll need it all to ace the new job and build new channels to show how competent you are!


Your time is not your own anymore

Taking new responsibilities compels you to invest more time. Only this will help you survive and prevent you from failing at the job.

Time management is the real drill:

Step seven all about time management. Other than handling the paperwork, tasks delegation, client’s profiles and much more, you need to allot some time to enhance the productivity of each one of your crew member as well. Do it and see the change for yourself.


Monitor the sales laboratory

Once you feel settled in the position of manager, you need to get started with actual facts and figures at hand rather than depending on simple instincts or previous dealings.

Data analysis and interpretation is key!

One way to ace this job is to start with compiling the present data and following your way through it. Ask your sales representatives to compile their successes and failures, the techniques they used that helped them in landing the customer in the first place and the things that made them go leave. As soon as the data is compiled, you can then analyze and pick out the merits and demerits of each practice and ensure only the beneficial ones are followed.


Listen, communicate and conduct

Step nine includes personality enhancement. Your personality reflects the targets you have achieved and the ones that you will achieve in the future.

Personality enhancement includes:

Facilitating your team with the necessary tools, this isn’t just limited to technology but also includes good training, supportive attitude and boosting confidence when they face failure.

Be a good listener! Being the team’s manager puts you in a position where you have to listen to your team member and find out the nature of the problem he/she is dealing with.

Learn to communicate well. Using good phrases, metaphors and showing your vote of confidence is a part of the game.


Be the change the sales team want to see in a Manager

While working as a sales representative, there were countless opportunities where you thought that you could do better than your boss, right?

This is your time to show them how it’s done!

Step number ten summarizes nearly everything we have urged you to be so far. You are now a manager and your job is to make others see you like one. Brent Thomson, the CSO of peak sales recruiting says,

“It’s all about the little things – knowing your metrics, having a structured approach to your day, leveraging your CRM, teaching others, hitting your numbers, forecasting accurately, and being a great corporate citizen.”

Make your new job your priority.

These are the ten simple steps that can help you go from your previous job to being a sales manager.

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