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About a year ago, I reviewed Hired.com, which is one of the larger online talent marketplaces in existence. Since that post, it’s grown to become one of the most popular on Career Dreaming. Since then, I’ve also come across a new website, similar to Hired.com, that focuses exclusively on sales professionals, CloserIQ.

My name is James a software sales veteran who is now a member of the resume writing team at CareerDreaming.com and CareerBloom.co

Let’s kick it off with a brief background on the company, before we delve into to the actual review of the CloserIQ

CloserIQ is the career platform for technology sales professionals.

As a CloserIQ user, you record an audio intro which allows you to apply for any jobs on our platform. Startup hiring managers listen to your intros and your application skips the resume pile. We don’t ask for any cover letters, just a simple sales profile that showcases your achievements.

I initially found out about CloserIQ through a LinkedIn message from one of the company’s founders and was curious, so I explored the site in further detail to see if the company was legit. CloserIQ focuses exclusively on sales talent, rather than the wide array of technology employees like Hired.com (which focuses on sales, web developers, product management, mobile dev, ete). As someone in software sales, it’s the perfect fit for me, but for someone not in sales, it has no relevance unfortunately.

I signed up for the website, which was actually much easier than Hired.com, especially due to the button that allows you to sign in using your LinkedIn profile and import your profile. I haven’t gone through the entire process of interviewing and receiving a job offer through CloserIQ (I’m happily employed currently), however I did set up my profile and browse the current offerings they have for sales professionals. Here are my thoughts about why I like, and don’t like CloserIQ.

Pros of CloserIQ:

Quick profile set up and audio recordings – In comparison to Hired.com, I found CloserIQ a bit easier to set up and complete. CloserIQ’s approach seems rather simplistic, which is nice for those who don’t feel like spending 5 hours filling out an application profile that may or may not pay serious dividends.

Transparency with companies/compensation – As soon as you receive acceptance into CloserIQ’s marketplace of sales talent, you can immediately view the companies and positions that are actively hiring within their service. Off the bat, it encourages a nice amount of transparency because you know who is hiring and the type of positions as well.

Also, a major plus here is the transparency with compensation. Curious about how much a role might pay? Just scroll to the bottom of the job description and you’ll see this.


  • On Target Earnings: $80,000

  • Base Salary: $40,000 to $60,000

  • Commission: $0 to $20,000

  • Stock Options Available

Pretty nice huh?!

Cons to CloserIQ

Small number of companies – Other competitors liked Hired.com certainly have a larger pool of employers looking to hire on their platforms, especially given the young nature of CloserIQ’s company. I don’t have an exact number of companies hiring within the entirety of the platform, but my hiring dashboard is currently showing about 20 startup employers.

It’s only for sales talent – For me, this isn’t a problem. I work in software sales, so CloserIQ is specifically serving my niche. However, if you do not work in software sales or have a background suitable to it, CloserIQ is not the right talent platform for you to consider.


If you’re technology/software sales professional passively searching for a new job in a major metropolitan area, New York, Silicon Valley, LA, etc, I think it’s certainly worth giving CloserIQ a try. The ability to handle a good deal of your interview via a pre-recorded audio questionnaire, plus a quick and transparent profile set-up process are all major bonuses to the platform. You can very quickly create a profile on the platform, see if you’re interested in any of the companies in your area that are hiring and get set up for an interview.

If you have a chance to sign up, please let me know how the interviews go! I’d appreciate any feedback on anyone who interviews/gets a job with CloserIQ. Best of luck!

Transparency note: Some of the links in this post are referral links, and may provide Career Dreaming a small monetary bonus (at no cost to you), if you end up receiving a job offer and accept through CloserIQ. However, this did not shape the findings in my review, as I strive to be as thorough as possible. 

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