How to go From a Sales Manager to a Sales Executive

When you’re at the beginning of your sales manager career, it can be hard to see exactly what steps you need to take to travel the road ahead, and achieve your career goals. You may know you have it in you, but to really make a success in a sales executive, you need to be...

How To Go From A Sales Representative To A Sales Manager

The promotion from a sales representative to a sales manager is a job transition that every career focused salesman would like to achieve. This article gives you a step by step guide in how to establish ‘yourself’ as someone who would be a successful manager. How to transform into a leading sales manager? Aim for...

10 Must Have Keywords When Writing Your Finance Sales Resume

There is certainly room for optimization for anyone who is looking for a job in finance sales whether from an entry-level to more advanced positions. Successful candidates can get a major leg up, especially if they can build a keyword-enhanced resume. So consider the following 10 must-have keywords that should naturally appear on your finance...

10 Must Have Keywords When Writing Your Medical Device Sales Resume

A medical device salesperson’s job entails selling medical products to doctors, insurance companies or hospital buyers. It is considered one of the most lucrative job with a number of perks such as frequent travel. However, in order to get such a job, one must have a prior background in sales because you are not only...

How to Keyword Optimize Your Sales Resume for ATS

Technology has often been thought to simplify our lives. While this may be true, some instances are just the opposite, like job searching. To be precise, technology has made the job “searching” part easier for anyone seeking to make a career change. You just go online, get into a company’s website or portal and communicate...

Sales Development Representative – The Best Starting Sales Job?

Is a Sales Development Representative (or Business Development Representative) job the best place to start a career in software sales? we get asked this question all the time and the short answer is, it depends. Where are you in your career currently, experience wise? Do you have numerous years of experience in a different industry...

Best Sales Books 2017 – What you need to read

Whether you’re currently in the sales profession or actively considering making a move into the space, in our opinion, these are some of the best sales books of 2017 that you can read. In either stage of a career, whether you’re in the sales industry or outside of it and trying to get in, we...

Four (more) reasons you should consider a career in Software Sales

We wrote a great piece a little over a year ago regarding why you should consider a career in Software Sales. Before reading the post be sure to check it out first as we’re not going to be repeating: “4 Reasons to Consider a Career in Software Sales” My name is James a software sales...

4 Most Common Roles in Software Sales Jobs

At Career Dreaming, we receive tons of daily email from readers asking about what it’s like to work in a software sales job and how to get started finding a position in the industry. Each individual has their own distinct personality and preference when it comes to what they prefer to do in their careers,...

How to start a career in software sales

Recently, I posted an article discussing “Four Reasons you Should Consider a Career in Software Sales”, which received some excellent feedback, especially from Reddit. As someone who is currently working in Software Sales, I received a number of inquiries from people interested in getting into a career track towards Software Sales. My name is Rob...