Technology has become more and more a part of our daily lives, both directly and indirectly. The average person has more access to technology and uses it each day, but the systems that connect us, businesses that serve us, and medical providers that helps us are also becoming more and more reliant on technology.

As the world of technology develops, the opportunity for careers in IT are booming. The time has never been better to dedicate yourself to one of these 5 best jobs in IT.

“Technology made large populations possible; large populations now make technology indispensable.” – Joseph Krutch

Web Developer

Web developers have complicated jobs, but to boil it down to the most simple terms, web developers develop websites. They are responsible for ensuring the look, functionality, performance, and speed are all functioning well, and without any glitches. Web developers often work directly with businesses to fulfil exactly what the business has asked for in a new website, working to provide recommendations and results based on company goals. Others may develop parts of websites that other developers can use in other projects. Some web developers even develop content and visuals for websites, but many others partner with creative teams to complete these aspects.

“If you think math is hard, try web design.” ―Trish Parr

Web development is a part of the IT field that has a real potential for advancement. Junior web developers tend to work with a Project Manager, and are responsible for small, specific sections of development, rather than overall functionality. The main goal of a Web Developers is to make sure something works – a specific aspect, the front end, the back end, or user experience – and they do whatever it takes to make that possible.

Web development is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to get into IT because there is such opportunity for career advancement. Many entry-level roles and projects are available with salaries starting around $34,000 per year, but can easily earn up to four times in mid-level and senior roles.



Companies all over the world need the work of web developers, but the best opportunities are available for those who hire full-time teams, and have a lot of development to do.


WillowTree is a world leader in designing mobile-friendly websites, apps, and cross-functional solutions, in constant need of support from Web Developers.

Pivotal Labs are web developers, software designers, and solution architects, who work for businesses to develop new websites, website functionality and products. A great opportunity for any Developer to learn emerging and diverse IT skills.

Neo is a unique and creative company that provides startup-like solutions for problems, or to meet emerging opportunities. They have endless creative work and are a particularly great employer for people who like to invent new solutions.

Amazon is a world leader in web-development, with work needed on their own site, and on the support infrastructure they provide to second party sellers. Web developers at Amazon are at the cutting-edge of the industry, and able to compensate employees accordingly.

Hidden Brains is a company that takes on project-based web development for other organizations. Providing standard website-setup, development, and solutions architecture, Hidden Brains provides an amazing learning opportunity to new hires


Web developers have the opportunity to develop specialities, specific skills, or to advance to project manager status, and can earn upwards of $120,00 per year or more if they advance to senior-level roles.


Information Security Analyst

 In the broadest sense, an Information Security Analyst is responsible for avoiding any threats to a given organization IT structure. What it takes to make this happens requires a number of experts at different levels, and daily initiative to foresee and prevent threats. Some IT Analysts are responsible for specific aspects of a large network, while others will look at elements of the network (for example, specializing in mobile apps) to ensure everything is secure. Each specific job, system, and organization need will modify the needs of each specific position, and each require that you be a fast learner, self-starter, and forward-thinker.

“Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and it boils down to this: in #cybersecurity, the more systems we security, the more secure we all are.” -Jeh Johnson

Information Security Analyst jobs are available at all career levels, and there are many entry-level opportunities available to get your foot in the door. You can expect to earn between $30,000 to $40,000 per year in an entry level role. With many opportunities to grow into consultation and management roles with titles like Information Security Manager, Security Risk Management Professional, and Manager of Security Policies and Procedures, salary opportunities grow to over $100,000 per year in advanced positions.



Google has massive security needs, and consistently employs the top professionals in the IT security field

 Apple has constant demand for IT security professionals to secure their devices, apps, and new developments.

 General Motors is a leader in the development of driving technology, and has massive need for innovative security work

 Herjavec Group is a world leader in developing security systems, and one of the best places to be if you’re dedicated to a rewarding career in IT security

 Capital One needs to be innovative in developing security measures, with a world of investment and development in their hands


The demand for Information Security Analysts and similar professionals is growing every year, and future prospects are excellent for anyone with in-demand skills. With a growing need for assistance, there are many entry-level positions that allow for learning opportunities, with the chance to advance through mid- and top-level security positions over time. Security is an important issue for every industry in the world, so having the skills to work as an Information Security Analyst also gives you the ability to work in the place of your choosing.


Systems Analyst

Systems Analysts are very busy IT professionals, with part of their job lying in hardware software, usability, the web, and finance. Analysts tie together whole systems to make sure everything is working as a whole, and that everything is secure, stable, usable, and not too expensive.

“Computer system analysis is like child-rearing’ you can do grievous damage, but you cannot ensure success.” -Tom DeMarco

Systems Analysts used to operate more in the realm of internal computer systems, but as more and more of our lives are tied to a network, these roles have grown in complexity, and number of skills in demand. At the entry level, analysts will usual support the work of a senior team, learning on the job. These entry level roles can pay anywhere from $30,000 – $45,000 per year. Analysts with a few years experience can move up to $90,000 per year, or more depending on their expertise.



Amazon has one of the largest global IT systems in the world, and analysts are in-demand by this tech giant

 DropBox was a leader in cloud storage, and continues to be a leader in tech development. As this company grows, so does their demand for professionals in the workforce

 TD Bank has one of the largest networks in the country, and needs to be up and operational 24/7. Their IT staff is large, with positions available at many levels

 Bombardier is a global leader in a number of industries, and has complex technical support needs. A perfect opportunity to try a few positions and develop your career

 Spotify is a fun and productive place for an emerging Systems Analyst to get work. Demanding creative solutions and foresight, this successful startup is a great career opportunity.


The role of Systems Analyst continues to grow and change over time, and it is a wonderful career opportunity for anyone who can keep up with this change.

The work an Analyst does today looks entirely different from what they did ten years ago, and this rapid change of pace is likely to continue. If you enjoy learning new things, bringing together complicated projects, and working under pressure, you are certain to excel as an Analyst, and have excellent employment opportunities.

As a bonus, if you have an interest in the business side of things, there are many roles opening that bring together analysing businesses alongside their systems, providing an exciting and new opportunity for anyone looking to join the field.


Database Administrator

 Managing data is essential to every business in the world. Everything from business information, client information, communications, systems, and income are all tied to databases on some level, and as a result, database managers, engineers, scientists, and administrators are in high demand in every part of the industry.

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.” – W. Edwards Deming

Database Administrators are lucky to be able to get a foot in the door at entry level, meaning it is an excellent place to begin your career in IT. Helping to manage the daily tasks of administering a database, you’ll start off learning about $30,000 to $40,000 per year. As you advance into higher levels of Data Scientist, you can earn upwards of $120,000 per year in more advanced positions.



Companies over the world hire Database Administrators, but there are a few top choices where you can begin your search:


Sharepoint, the storage solution for Microsoft Online, demands constant support from talented administrators.

Datavail is the largest data and database services provider in the world, and a great way to learn the basics of a career in database work. As a bonus, remote opportunities abound, meaning your location isn’t a barrier.

Salesforce is a leader in cloud database management, and a leader worldwide. They constantly hire administrators in house, and there is a world of opportunity working with those who use the software

Bloomberg has a number of complex properties, and many different information sources to track. They are a great employer for database professionals.

Nestle is another business giant with growing need for Database Administrators to support every branch of their company


Database Administrators, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists are positions that are in growing demand, and will continue to be in demand for years to come. These roles are key to developing businesses. As many pre-packaged solutions begin to be offered for organizations worldwide, some of the  best opportunities come in development, architecture, and insight into creating new features for databases. Stay ahead of the curve and an IT career in data management will serve you well.


Software Developer

 Software Developers have always been key to expansion and innovative edge of the tech industry, and these professionals are more essential today than ever before. More people interact with more softwares every day, whether it be through computers, tablets, or their phones – and the global market demands constant improvement. Companies worldwide are in need of development to help their clients, and there are a number of specialities that software professionals

“Software development, like professional sports, has a way of making thirty-year-old” – Neal Stephenson

A Software Developer can easily earn an annual salary of $100,000 per year or more, but this often requires a few years of experience in different fields, learning how to develop. A common background for a Developer is work as an analyst, giving a start to the difficult work of creation.



eBay has been a leader in the online shopping world, and their continued success relies on the hard work of software developers who continue to enhance their offerings.

Intel has taken a cue from technology trends and has begun to shift a lot of their business online, with an increasing demand for support from Developers.

Amazon strives to constantly improve the experience of their shoppers, and also help support businesses worldwide through their development.

Symantec is focused on cyber-security, and this requires the work of talented software developers who help to enhance their products and detect new threats.

Microsoft is a dream employer for any Developer, with constant drive toward improving products, sharing, and cloud computing


If you’re considering a career in IT, becoming a Software Developer is one of the most difficult, but ultimately most rewarding positions you can select. This work touches on every part of the field, gives constant opportunity for career advancement and learning, and ultimately is one of the biggest business opportunities in the world right now. If you have the patience, drive, and vision to learn how to develop, it is really the top choice for careers in IT.

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