Job candidates: Have you been on the market for an upgrade in your career, but you have no idea where to look or what tools to use?

That’s where I hope to step in. By providing this massive collection of the top job sites, I hope to help all job candidates with these awesome resources, cleanly organized to assist in your job search.

My name is James a software sales veteran who is now a member of the resume writing team here at and

In this post, I cover a few main types of the top job sites; job search websites, “talent marketplaces”/hiring platforms, career advice websites, top staffing firms and a few other assorted sites. While the list is currently at 30, I’m open to adding any sites that you’ve found useful throughout your own job search, so sound off in the comments with your favorites!

Cutting the small talk though, let’s get down to the list of the top job sites.

Top Job Search Websites:

1. – The world’s premier social networking tool for professionals. Not only should LinkedIn be the face of your professional persona, but it is also an incredible place to be “found” by recruiters and apply for positions (easily). If you’re not on LinkedIn or active on the site, this quote below should change your mind! (Hint: 92% of hiring managers use LinkedIn!)

In June 2013, Jobvite surveyed 1600 recruiting and human resources professionals online. More than three-quarters of hiring managers surveyed report actually hiring through social networks: 92 percent used LinkedIn, 24 percent hired from Facebook, and 14 percent found their new hires on Twitter. – USNews

2. – Indeed is currently the #1 most visited job site in the United States, with over 140 million visitors every month. That’s a lot of potential eye balls on your resume, although it’s also a lot of competition because you will not be the only person apply to positions here.

3. – Monster is another one of the largest job searching websites available, with 29 resumes uploaded every minute. Monster is an excellent place to upload your resume if you want a lot of eyeballs on your resume and to explore a very general selection of jobs.

4. – CareerBuilder boasts “working with employers around the world, including 92% of the Fortune 1000.” It’s another website, similar to Monster and Indeed, where you can upload your resume and immediate attract quite a bit of attention.

5. – Dice is a specialized job board, focusing in information technology job postings. As a former technology recruiter, Dice was my favorite job searching website to find top quality tech talent, mostly because the candidates seemed to be laser focused within their designated field. If you work in IT and are looking for a new gig, post your resume on!

6. – SnagAJob is an excellent site for younger part-time employment and hourly jobs. Especially for high-school and college students, SnagAJob is a great place to go for jobs, not necessarily your forever career.

7. – The Ladders is a premier job search website, originally designed for positions exclusively with salaries exceeding $100,000/year. The Ladders offers a free version as well as a paid ($25/month) premium membership, with more in-depth access to all employers on the site.

8. – Whether you’re a freelancer by nature, or someone strapped for cash and looking for some additional funds on the side, ELance is an excellent to find project work. Whether you’re a software developer, sales/marketer, writer or designer, you can likely find additional work on ELance.

9. USA Jobs – If you’re interested in employment with the US Federal Government, look no further than USA Jobs. With postings from various federal agencies like the Customs and Border Patrol, Department of Veterans Affairs, National Institutes of Health, Securities and Exchange Commission, etc, you can find a number of interesting federal positions in one place.

10. – Interested in working for a rapidly growing, venture backed technology/software company? One great place to find these sometimes hard-to-find positions is on The website allows you to privately apply, directly to the company and see salary upfront. Companies posting on include Uber, Stripe, Greylock Partners, and AdRoll.

11. – The Muse is an interesting website that combines career advice with a job application portal, featuring some of the more “culturally focused” companies that are hiring today. With a range of positions, spanning entry level to senior, in everything from business operations and sales to technical product development, TheMuse has you covered. Companies hiring on TheMuse include Facebook, Bloomberg, Teach for America, Warby Parker and the NFL.

12. SimplyHired – Simply Hired is another large job aggregation platform, similar to Indeed. There’s a pretty vast selection of jobs you can apply for on Simply Hired and a few other helpful tools that you can utilize, such as their salary estimator and company directory.

Top “Talent Marketplace” Job Sites:

13. – Hired is a new(er) career platform/talent marketplace, where job applicants apply to participate in hiring rounds on Hired. The platform is primarily focused on technology related positions, with some awesome companies serving as clients like: Facebook, Stripe, Zillow, GrubHub, etc. If you’d like to see my full review of, click the link.

14. – “CloserIQ is the career platform for technology sales professionals. As a CloserIQ user, you record an audio intro which allows you to apply for any jobs on our platform. Startup hiring managers listen to your intros and your application skips the resume pile.” I have a full review on the CloserIQ hiring platform, if you’d like to see something more in-depth.

15. – WorkMarket is a “freelance management system” that allows companies and individuals to hire freelancers. If you have a skillset in technology, design, sales/business development, publishing, etc, and are looking to earn some extra cash on the side or transition into freelance, WorkMarket is a great place to start.

Top Career Advice Websites:

16. The Undercover Recruiter – Curious about what recruiters are thinking? Looking for specific pieces of advice on how to better engage with recruiters throughout an interview process? The Undercover Recruiter is an excellent resource for insights into the mind of a recruiter and how to better approach the job search.

17. Career Realism – A career advice and job search website, founded on the belief that “every job is temporary.” Career Realism pumps out some compelling content on a constant basis, with topics ranging from as interview prep, LinkedIn tutorials and even a “Career Decoder Quiz”.

18. Avid Careerist – Written by Donna Svei, AvidCareerist focuses on the topics of Resume Writing, LinkedIn profile content and professional writing. It’s an excellent resource if you’re looking for assistance on resume creation/editing, improving the content in your LinkedIn profile, etc.

19. Career Meh – Let’s face it, sometimes your job/career can just be “Meh”. The good folks at Career Meh look to help you break out of your career funk by posting motivational content, methods to improve your personal performance and take the next step in your career. And they were even gracious enough to allow me a guest post, Career Dreaming on Career Meh.

20. Lindsey Pollak – Lindsey is a the former LinkedIn “Official Ambassador”, handling LinkedIn’s corporate blog and a current New York Times bestselling author, discussing Millennial career topics. Her blog is a wealth of information for career focused Millennials.

21. Personal Branding Blog – Covering topics such as the job search, networking, workplace success, and skills development, Personal Branding Blog is an excellent job search resource for anyone looking for a boost to their professional brand. Especially in today’s job search enviroment

Assorted Top Job Sites and Resources:

22. Digital NYC Jobs – Looking for a job in New York City? Digital NYC (formerly Made in NYC) has you covered with a variety of tech startups and NYC based companies hiring at a rapid clip.

23. Resume Tips – An awesome list of 60+ resume writing tips by Raw Resume, that are also ranked by “importance” and “difficulty”. If you’re prepping yourself for another go at the job market or just want to improve yourself

24. Ask a Manager – Do you have a difficult question that you’d like to ask your manager or someone in leadership, but don’t think it’s appropriate? Maybe you just need some advice from an experience business leader? That’s where Alison Green at “Ask a Manager” comes into play, answering all kinds of questions like:

“How to cope with unreasonable deadlines”

“How to deal with a terrible co-worker”

“My job is making me travel and I hate it”

Top Staffing Firms to find Employment:

25. Robert Half – Robert Half is one of the world’s largest staffing agencies, with a strong focus on the finance, accounting and technology positions. Robert Half is so large, it’s actually a member of the S&P 500! Although with size, comes the potential for a vast array in quality of experiences when dealing with the team.

26. Insight Global – With offices throughout the United States and a focus on technology related positions, Insight Global is a good place to look if you’re on the market in IT. Positions range from business analysts, project managers, software developers, system/network engineers, etc.

27. TEKSystems – TEKsystems is a massive provider of IT Staffing, so if you’re in the job market in the technology sector, it’s worth taking a look through their website for potential opportunities. TEKsystems is a Fortune 100 Best Company to Work for.

28. Aerotek – Aerotek is a sister company to TEKsystems (they’re both members of the Allegis Group). Aerotek has less of a focus on the IT industry and more of a general approach to positions, such as administrative, construction, architecture, call center, accounting /finance, etc.

29. Randstad – Another of the largest staffing firms in the US, Randstad recruiters extensively in manufacturing/production, administrative work, warehouse distribution and customer services, so if you work in any of those areas, take a look at Randstad’s postings.

30. Best of Staffing Awards (Local Firms)– If the staffing companies above don’t have any positions that fit your profile or you’d prefer to work with another company, the “Best of Staffing Awards” by Inavero, is a great place to find a top-ranked local staffing company that focuses in your industry. With the “Best of Staffing Awards”, you can sort by the major cities in the United States and Canada, as well as sort by the industries listed below.


That concludes the current list of the my “Top Job Sites: The Ultimate Resource Collection”. As someone who may be on the job market at the given time, I’m hoping that you find this list useful in your your own job search initiatives.

If you have any other resources that you’ve used successfully in your job search, please post them below in the comments or send me an email at and I’ll adjust the post to include your resource for all to use!

Thanks for making it through this post and let’s crush the job search!

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